Just for Fun

It was a rainy Saturday morning and the kids decided to take over the whole living room floor. Guess who I spotted in the middle of the flash mob? Advertisements

Christmas in April

A heavy box sat by the front door when I got home from an afternoon of errands. The kids could barely wait to see what’s inside even after I’ve warned them, “there’s no toys in there… just homeschool books.” The three-year-old boy asked if they could open it. The girls found him working hard with … Continue reading

Making Elderberry Syrup

I just got done bottling 2 gallons of kombucha and started a fresh batch, which should be ready in a week or two. Next up I’ll be making our anti-flu concoction: elderberry syrup sweetened with honey. Ridiculously easy to prepare, yet this is potent stuff, baby! It may not be flu season but someone is … Continue reading

Our Homeschool Goals

Every spring, I spend a good amount of time drawing our school plan and the goals we want to accomplish for the coming year. I go on a much anticipated mommy retreat to be refreshed and to wait on God- to make sure that our humble ideas align with His. Those plans and retreats vary each … Continue reading

Why We Homeschool

Though we could name a few good reasons why we WANT to home educate our children, it is by ONE reason that we DECIDED to do it: It is our calling- as their parents. Ten years ago, when we began this journey, we didn’t know much about home educating.  A tug- knowing that God was leading us here- was all … Continue reading

Salad in A Jar

We could all agree that eating salad everyday is good for us, right? Preparing them is another story and can really be cumbersome if you have to do it on a daily basis. Wash. Dry. Chop. Repeat. Bagged prewashed greens on the other hand are ever so convenient, but can be expensive. Not to mention … Continue reading

My Passport to India

image source “Mommy, can we please watch Chris now?” the kids begged. … The Chris they are talking about is the tour guide in a ten-video series called My Passport to India. Chris takes us with him as he visits different, interesting places in India. In a nutshell: See and experience the real India – … Continue reading