My Passport to India

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“Mommy, can we please watch Chris now?” the kids begged.

The Chris they are talking about is the tour guide in a ten-video series called My Passport to India. Chris takes us with him as he visits different, interesting places in India. In a nutshell:

  • See and experience the real India – without ever leaving your neighborhood!
  • Explore India’s incredible, diverse culture, people and places
  • Learn more about India with unique educational resources
  • Meet the people God is using to bring the Gospel to India’s 400+ million unreached
  • Discover how you can reach boys and girls in India with the love of Jesus by supporting Children’s Bible Clubs!

So far, we have really been enjoying this series! The kids have learned so much, not just from watching the videos, but from reading Chris’ journal, perusing the photos and doing the corresponding devotionals. They see destitution, injustice, pain; but they also see hope. The power of the Gospel. They are moved.

My Passport to India is an awesome educational experience for everyone, not just for kids. Thank you Mission India for this fantastic tool that we could use to teach our children about missions and about India.


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