Salad in A Jar

We could all agree that eating salad everyday is good for us, right? Preparing them is another story and can really be cumbersome if you have to do it on a daily basis. Wash. Dry. Chop. Repeat.

Bagged prewashed greens on the other hand are ever so convenient, but can be expensive. Not to mention they get a little perking up to keep them looking fresh longer. So how did we get our family to eat salad everyday, the affordable way?

Yup. Salad in a Jar

I buy the big bags of organic romaine from Costco. (I think it’s less than $5 for a bag of 6 hearts.) The wide-mouthed quart jars can be reused indefinitely and they are just an awesome storage and organization solution anyway. I usually have eager little helpers in the kitchen and that makes the process more fun. This post gives the step by step. Make sure you watch the video– it’s a very helpful overview. The chopped greens really stay fresh and crisp for days, even for a week and a half!

It’s awesome because at meal time you just pop open a jar, add your dressing and voila! Salad-in-a-minute. Just add other ingredients such as pre-cut veggies, fruits, nuts, eggs to make it more exciting, yes? Even hubby takes one to work.

Because that is a piece of cake, you’d find yourself looking around all over your kitchen. You’d need more things to vacuum seal, you know. Nuts, seeds, coffee beans, dried fruits, flours, sugar. What else is hiding in the cupboard? Then your kids will start thinking this foodsaver thing has got you mad…

Berries disappear rather quickly here, but hey, they just look pretty in those jars, don’t you think?


One thought on “Salad in A Jar

  1. Hi Flo. This looks like a great idea. I will definitly have to try it, since I live by myself & waste so many veggies because I don’t eat them as quickly as I should. Thanks also, for the comment on my blog. Rhonda

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