Our Homeschool Goals

Every spring, I spend a good amount of time drawing our school plan and the goals we want to accomplish for the coming year. I go on a much anticipated mommy retreat to be refreshed and to wait on God- to make sure that our humble ideas align with His. Those plans and retreats vary each year, but we have this set of goals that pretty much remain constant. I thought it would be neat to share them with you.

This is definitely not comprehensive, but a good account of what we want our education to look like. We have it framed so that we could always be reminded and to help us stay in track.


  • Love God above all.
  • Seek and love God’s Word.
  • Love neighbor as self.


  • Be comfortable with how God made you and respectful of how God made others.


  • Show respect. Practice compassion.
  • Communicate effectively and thoughtfully.


  • Learn the value of exercise and regular time outdoors.


  • Understand how money works and make wise financial decisions.


  • Grow in love of studying God’s Word. Memorize scriptures.


  • Comprehend what is read.
  • Apply discernment in choosing what to read.


  • Communicate effectively and with choice words.
  • Practice best handwriting.


  • Apply what is learned in real life situations.
  • Learn how to handle money.


  • Make sense of people’s role in history. See God’s hand in it.


  • Be good stewards of creation.
  • Apply basic scientific laws in everyday situations.

Nature Study

  • Instill love of outdoors and study of nature. Appreciate complexity of creation.

Life Skills

  • Learn basic skills to manage the home.

Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. (Hab 2:2)


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