Making Elderberry Syrup

I just got done bottling 2 gallons of kombucha and started a fresh batch, which should be ready in a week or two. Next up I’ll be making our anti-flu concoction: elderberry syrup sweetened with honey. Ridiculously easy to prepare, yet this is potent stuff, baby! It may not be flu season but someone is coughing around here and I notice how quickly she gets better taking this potion.

All we need is water, dried elderberries, cinnamon stick, cloves, ginger and honey. I always make more because with the six of us, we go through them rather quickly. All the ingredients are available locally, but I usually order the elderberries from Mountain Rose Herbs just because they are so darn expensive at our co-op.

Here’s a very helpful how-to-video from Mountain Rose Herbs. I think it’s the very one that got me started a couple of years ago.

And just for fun, here are tibdits about the ingredients:


known to be effective against eight strains of influenza. This suggests that elder be superior to vaccines in preventing flu, because flu vaccines are only effective against known strains of flu, whereas the virus is continually mutating to new strains. ~source


True cinnamon or Ceylon cinnamon has a more delicate flavor than the most popular variety that you could find at stores, the Cassia cinnamon. Oh, and cinammon stick is all you’d ever need to scare off ants in the house!


Because of the antiseptic and germicidal benefits of cloves, they help fight infections like cold, flu, bronchitis, arthritic pain and athlete’s foot. ~source


Ginger has long been used as a natural treatment for colds and the flu. Many people also find ginger to be helpful in the case of stomach flus or food poisoning, which is not surprising given the positive effects ginger has upon the digestive tract. ~source

 and honey-

It’s best if you buy locally grown organic raw honey whenever you can. Locally grown because it’s produced by bees which are from the environment in which you live. It is always best to grow or consume foods from the area in which you live as they contain the immune stimulating properties needed for your body to adapt to its environment.

Fresh raw honey will also be tastier, and more potent.
There is a lot of sunshine here this morning. It looks like a promising day. Hope yours is the same!

One thought on “Making Elderberry Syrup

  1. Sounds wonderful! I had not seen a recipe like this one, just berries and sugar before. Yours sounds great.
    I was able to find tons of wild elderberries this last fall just up the road. I just made juice from them, but this sounds so much better. Thanks for sharing.

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