Christmas in April

A heavy box sat by the front door when I got home from an afternoon of errands. The kids could barely wait to see what’s inside even after I’ve warned them, “there’s no toys in there… just homeschool books.” The three-year-old boy asked if they could open it. The girls found him working hard with the kitchen shears so what do good sisters do but help. Next thing you know, books were all over the floor.

Oh man, it was like Christmas all over again.

They spotted a familiar figure on the cover of big sister’s history book. Actually it was the three-year-old who noticed it first and squealed with delight.

“Hurry! We can’t stop until this box is empty!” Big Sister just looked on with a smile. I think she’s had her share (10 years!) of digging… younger siblings turn.

Camping on big sister’s elective books… “Oh man, it’s for 12 and up,” the princess murmured with disappointment.

“Anything for me?”

There you go kid. Now everyone’s happy!

And they don’t even know more fun stuff are on the way. I love homeschooling!


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