21 Words for Hiding His Word

in the stillness, i look for His word. to meditate on. to eat, hold fast. to hide it in my heart. committing to memory matthew 6 right now.  hiding the Master’s very words in our hearts. would you care to join us? Advertisements

saturday morning

I came not out of a desire to learn, or to be refreshed, but out of submission. Someone suggested it would be good to come to this class if we are to effectively minister to the kids at camp. And what do I know about kids camp except that He wants me to go? It … Continue reading

what makes me smile v.3

:: to find this picture taken by my oldest ~aliyah, of a charming boy peeking for the camera while climbing a tree by the river we are fond of visiting. :: home-concocted iced tea sweetened with love and honey on a hot day… what could be better? :: this mint chocolate ice cream made by … Continue reading

afternoon quiet time

It is a time to just slow down. Time for little hearts to unwind. To be inspired… when younger children are at home all day but think they are too old for naps. Too good to be true? We call it afternoon quiet time, when they have to sit in bed while they…  :: read you … Continue reading

good day to buy a fish

I took the kids to a store called A World of Fish and called it a field trip. The little guy was determined to take home this blue and red split-tail betta that he immediately named Optimus Prime. I was happy to oblige thinking that Optimus could help me teach the kids a thing or two … Continue reading

what shall we do today?

Me to hubby: “I have kombucha to bottle, sauerkraut to make, laundry to do and line dry, etc… but it’s been so gorgeous outside…” Hubby: “Just make sure you do the important things. I love having kombucha, by the way.” Me: “You’re absolutely right. We shall spend our day outside.”