Pajama Rides

We wait till the kids are all ready for bed. They pick their toys up, brush teeth, wash up, change to their pajamas- the whole works. As soon as they settle in their beds waiting for mommy or daddy to read to them, I make some noise and yell…


Everyone squeals with delight! This is something they always look forward to. After all, it’s the only time they would be allowed treats past bedtime… and without them asking for it. The kids hop in the van in their pajamas and off we go to some ice cream place or a coffee shop. Lucky for us, there are local ice cream or malt shops (even burger joints)  around us that are open till 10:00PM, or later- on the weekends.

The kids love a nice treat, it’s always a big deal to them, but nothing thrills them like a good pajama ride! I can’t tell you how much we all enjoy this. We have good conversations with the kids during these times and they always manage to recall what we did in previous pajama rides. Precious moments. Not to mention, we get to be called the “fun parents.”

We build so much memories this way, yet it is so simple, it has become a family tradition. Now off to plan the next pajama ride.


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