Going Against the Grain

To those familiar with our lifestyle, seeing meat back on the menu may come as a surprise. Just the other day, my mother-in-law wondered about the chicken on our daughter’s plate. Why not? This is the same kid who at five decided she will not eat meat again. And for four years, she didn’t.

Today, hubby’s friend noticed the bacon on the counter and remarked, “I thought you guys are vegetarians.” Really. On Saturday, someone commented as I sat down next to her with my plate, “Oh, I didn’t know you eat meat.” See what I mean? I find myself explaining our eating lifestyle a lot to people these days. Which was not easier anyway when we started eating vegan. (And I really wish I don’t have to explain, but people are curious. I know, I know.)

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to the paleo or primal lifestyle through Mark Sisson, author of Primal Blueprint. Though I wasn’t moved by the evolutionary side of it, everything else made sense. But I still remember on one of our morning walks, I said to my husband- who was the one following Mark’s blog at that time, “I don’t think I could do it. That’s a lot of meat!” So we never talked about it again.

I have since suspected that grains/gluten were to blame in some issues we were having, (including tantrums, yes it’s true) but I was still reluctant because we were pretty much dependent on grains and grain-based meals. The kids lived on breads! I was emotionally not ready to add meat to the mix, even when my body was sending me a different message.

Alas, a few months ago I had an epiphany. Go grain-free. Start eating primal. I appealed to my husband, then talked to the kids that we are making some teeny weeny dietary changes. The kids response: “WHAT? That means no rice!”

Yes, there were some tears shed. No, NOT the kids’. Ahem.

So timely, a friend provided inspiration and encouragement.

We are almost half a year in this journey and it has been well. This just makes sense for us right now. We are thriving. The kids would still choose pasta over a naked burger any day when we’re out, or visiting family; but that’s a choice we let them make.

::eating coconut flour pancakes made by big sisters

And that’s all I have to say about that. The END.


One thought on “Going Against the Grain

  1. Oh girl. I could write this same post. I’m so embarrassed to have to explain all our radical shifts in diet…again. 🙂 And boy there are days when I have had ENOUGH meat! But I’m figuring out the balance. Love that we are on the same page.

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