Says a Three Year Old

Shortly after the kids got picked up from their classes at church, our three-year-old asked me,

“Mommy, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

That really cracked me up and I wondered where he got the idea. He then showed me the nifty craft he did at class.

All About My Mom

1. How do I show my mom I love her: hugging her

(Yes, the little guy is a hugger and randomly says I love you.)

2. My favorite thing to do with my mom is: read books with her

(Awww. Could he have said anything better? I will treasure this in my heart forever.)

3. Her favorite color: pink

(Now I don’t care much about pink… but maybe I should stop getting pink outfits for the girls??)

4. Her favorite food: fresh wok

(This really cracked me up! Not. Even. Close. We figured it’s because that’s where they picked up food when they were out with daddy just the other day. Too funny.)

5. If she had extra time she likes to: buy me zibitz

(I seriously don’t buy robots in my spare time…)

6. When my mom grows up she wants to be a: I’ll ask her when she gets here

And he did ask me. (Though the girls blew his bubble and told him I’m a grown up so I am not growing up anymore. Sigh.)

7. My mom laughs when: funny words

(Hmm, not sure, but hey, it made me laugh. So I guess he’s right.) 

8. My mom is: 41 years old

(I didn’t even think he knows my age.)

9. What my mom loves the most is: me

(He knows! Love how he thinks.)

10. If my mom had extra money, she would buy candy

(Um, I don’t think so, honey. But very clever. I have to give him credit on that one.)

I am one blessed mama. Excuse me while I give some extra hugs and kisses.


One thought on “Says a Three Year Old

  1. I have a suitcase of similar precious items I treasure from when my son was a little boy – he´s in his twenties now. How we laugh at some of the things he wrote 🙂


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