Making Memories: Tea Time

Yesterday was the much awaited tea date at Lady Elegant’s Tea Room.

The girls saw the flowers on the way in and couldn’t resist.

You look so very lovely today, my dear.

Thank you Big Sis, for doing her hair.

Sharing sweet notes.

The windows were open and there was a nice breeze coming in. 

Z. was very pleased with the kids’ tea sampler.

She opted for tutti frutti tea with her cupcake and scone.

My starburst black tea, blended with almonds, cinnamon and coconut flakes, was perfection. 

Everything was splendid. The zest for afternoon teas has been revived.

They decided a curtsy was just appropriate.

so was walking backwards… because they figured, these are what lovely afternoons are made of.


2 thoughts on “Making Memories: Tea Time

  1. That sounds like so much fun. I have to check that place out. I love that area of St. Paul. Your girls are beautiful.

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