The words finally formed. Two years ago on Mothers Day.

As for my own mother, she gave me the best gift. My life. And the greatest sacrifice. Her own.

I can never take this mission of motherhood for granted.

I have my very own mother for a hero.

Ironic how after so many years I still long for something I’ve never known… something I’ve never felt… something I never experienced… someone I never touched. I guess it is safe to say now that there is still that hole that will never be filled, a wound that would never heal in time. And funny that it took these many years for this child to verbalize it…

It echoes in my heart. I celebrate acceptance.

You birthed, nurtured and loved four children before me.

You taught many.

But mother, you never held me.

I never heard your heartbeat once.

I would never be able to comprehend the pain my brothers and sisters lived through…

But before your last breath~ the GREATEST LEGACY.

The Greatest Love.

Thank you mother. You’re in my heart forever.

~The Fifth Child 


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