bible study guide for all ages

We normally just read from the Bible one book at a time, at our own pace, and keep a devotional journal. But as part of her Ancient History and Literature studies, my oldest will be studying the Book of Daniel and reading through the Old Testament in a school year. Of course, this Old Testament enthusiast is doing it with her, but I had to come up with a different Bible reading plan for the younger ones. This is where Bible Study Guide for All Ages comes in.

Bible Study Guide (BSG) is an in-depth multi-level study through the Bible, covering some Old and some New Testament in each of the 4 units. A unit equates to one year study, or do it at your own pace. It is set up so that it could be used with any version of the Bible.

We started using BSG nine years ago, post Catherine Vos’ Child Story Bible. After a while, we decided to just read through the Bible and to journal. With BSG, you also read straight from the Word, but in its own systematic order.

I was led to begin using it again with the younger ones, and boy, we are having a ball! Now they beg to do Bible studies. They even like the drills.

We used to have the timeline and figures which we’ve done away with in an effort to simplify. (That thing was enormous!) The CD set hardly gets played nowadays, but a few years ago was what we used to memorize the 12 sons of Jacob. They still know it by heart.

I also happen to have the Teacher’s Guide from way back then, but I think the Student Pages, along with a Bible, would suffice for a simpler yet effective study.

In retrospect, I appreciate it more the second time around. It is exactly what we need, this season at least. The goal to present the Bible and the Bible alone shines through in this study. (No frosting or extra toppings needed!) Love it when we find a program like that.

After nine years, it is still a keeper.


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