afternoon quiet time

It is a time to just slow down. Time for little hearts to unwind. To be inspired… when younger children are at home all day but think they are too old for naps. Too good to be true? We call it afternoon quiet time, when they have to sit in bed while they… 

:: read

  • you could set up a book basket by their bed.
  • some of our nine-year-old’s favorite series: Christian Heroes Then & NowSugar Creek Gang, Childhood of Famous Americans, Narnia series, Little House books, Anne of Green Gables, books by Patricia St John

:: draw

  • a sketchbook is our dreamer’s quiet time best friend.

:: write

  • they might like to keep a quiet time journal, which could also be used for drawing.

:: listen

:: daydream

“Children see magic because they look for it.” ~Christopher Moore

Go ahead mom. Use that quiet time. Thank me later.:)


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