saturday morning

I came not out of a desire to learn, or to be refreshed, but out of submission. Someone suggested it would be good to come to this class if we are to effectively minister to the kids at camp. And what do I know about kids camp except that He wants me to go?

It was a nice Saturday morning.

At home, the kids made their own lunch.

I sat in the back row for three hours. I kept distractions at bay. When I went forward I knew I was not going to leave until I receive a blessing. I waited patiently for what seemed like forever.

Fresh infilling.
His presence was so strong up there. Knees shaking. Hands trembling.
Unspeakable joy. Peace.


I should have known there is so much blessing in obedience. I am filled to the brim. I have everything I need.

God is going to do mighty things at kids camp.


One thought on “saturday morning

  1. I so agree, that was probably the best HS Sat I’ve been to, well I’ve only been to 2, but this was the best yet.
    I’m posting my site, 🙂

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