blessed mama ramblings

:: We sat down for bible study but the little guy was being disruptive. I paused and smiled. I asked him to sit down and join us. He sighed. What he said next made a mama’s heart swell.

“Oh, fine. God wants me to do the right thing.” 

:: While we were still sitting in the living room, I opened a bag which contained some chore gnomes. As soon as the little guy saw them, his eyes got big, picked one of the gnomes up, and said, “I’m gonna listen to him first.” 

Off to the bathroom he went to brush his teeth.

Next, he got a notebook and pencil and announced he is doing school.

:: We’ve been reading this book to him, and one day before the last page was turned, he  interrupted, “That’s what happens when you don’t listen to your mommy.”

:: Can I tell you a secret? On days like today, when cooking is the least appealing thing in my mind, a daughter gladly comes to the rescue and makes us a blessed meal. It’s usually eggs and something, but lunch prepared and served by a sweet daughter is the best anyhow.

Then while one of her younger sisters does the dishes, she makes some flourless brownies (because that’s what her mama can eat) and serves it with her homemade vanilla ice cream for afternoon snack. Oh. my. so. good.

My heart is full. I admit, there are many challenges with the children being home all day, but I wouldn’t trade the blessings for anything in this world.


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