morning tea

The house is still quiet, the kettle is started and the tea elements are ready. A morning ritual I used to celebrate by myself has evolved presently.

I enjoy the first cup alone in the calmness and comfort of a favorite spot, with a journal and my bible on my lap. This is my favorite part of the day.

Shortly after, or at least it seems like it, I am joined by little ones who, after giving morning hugs and hellos, would immediately find something else to do. Lately, it is having tea.

You see, one morning, when it was gloomy and wet outside…

I decided a morning tea prepared especially for them would be the perfect way to start the day, and to brighten little ones hearts up.

It worked! They have been wanting to recreate that morning ever since, without saying anything more than, “Mommy can I also have tea?”

Happily I oblige. To share this beautiful ritual with the little ones. With good music or classical story in the background, or just the sounds of birds perched right outside the window. It is all so wonderful and heartwarming.

And that is a mama’s tea legacy…


One thought on “morning tea

  1. Beautiful. You’re right…it’s a legacy they’ll remember. They always remember the little rituals and routines, no matter how simple. Love this.

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