summer list mmxii

the kids have been inspired and working on their summer list.

lemonade stand by the lake, afternoon tea at lady elegant’s,
fly a kite, strawberry picking,
going to the beach/road trip, visit hudson bay,
make our own ice cream, make a fairy neighborhood,
ride a train, eat ice cream while riding the trolley,
have a parade in the neighborhood,cross a bridge,
have a spectacular picnic, kids camp,
backyard camping
meet someone famous.

and that is just a sampling of what they want to do.

do you have a summer list?


4 thoughts on “summer list mmxii

  1. We’ve never had a summer list– I guess when you’re not officially “schooling” yet, there isn’t as much of a distinction between summer and other times of the year– just how much we want to play outside! As an adult, my list? Listen to the crickets, read all day, eat watermelon, watch the stars. 🙂

  2. I think it’s because we live in the icebox, I mean, Minnesota, (in the Big City) that’s why the summer list is a big deal.
    My list would look like yours! I just have to add fireflies to that.

  3. We just started ours yesterday. Summer is more July – September here, so it still feels like I’ve got a couple weeks to prepare. 🙂 One plan is to copy C.S. Lewis once a week, who would write in the morning and then walk for several miles to the pub in town and spend a few hours there. We won’t hit the pub, *smile*, but town is a good 5 mile walk, so we’ll walk in and have lunch, walk home….C.S.’ books on our iPods, of course.

    • So clever!
      We’ve been walking, but the kids would really rather bike, so I’ve been thinking up of fun things to do on our walks. I’ve come up with a short list, but i love your idea. We are just blocks away from the action! xoxo

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