day and night ii

:: a much anticipated visit to the organic farm ::
aliyah said the tiny (but super-sweet) strawberries taste like candy.

the trade off to where we choose to live now?
we can’t have our own happy chickens.
be still my heart.

today’s flavor: fresh strawberries

and at the rate she’s making ice cream
might as well dream of having cows.

and this has nothing to do with chickens and cows, and strawberries and ice cream, but why does being an introvert hurt so much sometime?


3 thoughts on “day and night ii

  1. oh strawberries are such a delight, especially when you pick them yourself.

    as for introverts- my thought is that introverts are people who need solitude and quiet to put themselves back together, and our world/society is just set up for noise and busy-ness.

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend.

    and the introvert thing. i’m one and it’s still hard to say exactly why that is. do we feel things more deeply? i don’t know but i do know i need a lot quiet and a lot of alone time (not easy to get with kids) to recover from being out in the world.

  3. I married an introvert and I think he has rubbed off on me! I always need to be by myself and I love being at home and doing my own thing 🙂 Lovely photos, and fresh strawberries!!oh my.

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