I was unplugged for a week yet I really didn’t have time to miss anything. We were busy doing this…

Meeting with God, making memories, running around and just having fun. What an amazing week at kids camp. It was exhausting but something I will do all over again. I learned valuable lessons from the girls and I came home changed.

And now, to be on my own sleeping schedule again. Yay! Oh, the things we take for granted sometimes. My oldest held the fort while I was gone and made some great meals, I heard. The house was mostly clean when I came home. I am impressed but I also knew she’s capable of these and some. I am so proud of my girl. (The seven and three year old did well too, considering.)

But excuse me right now while I take an extra nap.


2 thoughts on “back

  1. Flo, you did an amazing job with the girls at camp! God has blessed each girl who was touched by your gracious spirit… thanks! Now, get some well-deserved rest.

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