yummy old books

moving in a couple of weeks most books already in boxes yet managed to pick more up. what can i say? treasures found recently: old, musty books oh so yummy. just glad we could rescue them for our next generation of readers. i love aged children’s books printed before our time, or our parents’ time. with … Continue reading

to fully live

circumstances grip the mind tiredness acts like goliath, comfort dictates it’s hard apathy dances around. yet there is Life within bigger than the one seen yearning to be unconfined to be fully lived. sometimes it overwhelms, in its fierceness it brings me to my knees with fear and trembling. yet no other life would i … Continue reading

to be gatekeepers

I meet missionaries, shake their hands, listen to their stories, and right then ask God, “sooo, when will You send me?” One day it dawned in me, He has sent me all along. This place where I am is my mission field. A special calling right at home- I am at peace with that. Have I mentioned … Continue reading


On one of our evening walks~ Swimming lessons have taken over the mornings, so we take walks at the end of the day. That turned out great because on most days we could take dad with us, which makes it more fun (and less stressful for mom.) This one ended with a refreshing cold drink that … Continue reading

a mother’s blessing

I was talking to my sister on the phone and I heard her say to one of  her kids, “I prayed for you already…” Of course I had to ask where my lovely niece is going that she had to pray for her. Ah, the mall. I found out she has always said the same prayer … Continue reading