a mother’s blessing

I was talking to my sister on the phone and I heard her say to one of  her kids, “I prayed for you already…”

Of course I had to ask where my lovely niece is going that she had to pray for her.

Ah, the mall.

I found out she has always said the same prayer for them every time they leave the house- whether it be school, work, or just hanging out with friends. (It’s amazing how much we don’t know about family when they live far away. Sigh.) She told me even the kids can say the prayer word for word, because she’s been doing this since they were much, much younger! Yet, they would never go anywhere without this blessing. They seek it. every. single. time.

Since we homeschool, (and our kids are younger,) our normal is to pray together in the vehicle as we drive off. This, we never forget to do.

But praying a blessing over the kids consistently before they walk out the door?

With all the temptations, the trials and pressures our children encounter daily in the world- wouldn’t it  make a huge difference when they’re aware that someone had already prayed for them before they left home?

To receive the blessing daily.

My sister’s is no grand prayer or anything, just a simple blessing that goes something like this:

… Cover them with your  precious blood. Let your angels and your traveling mercy be upon them. Be glorified in their lives. Protect them from any accident and all the works of the enemy. Give them strength and excellent wisdom, and bring them back home safe.

Thank you for the inspiration, Sis. You have built a legacy that I hope my nieces and nephew will continue on with their own children, and the children after them.


One thought on “a mother’s blessing

  1. I have been moved beyond words. I have been convicted and humbled within my heart. Thank you for sharing this beautiful, heartfelt prayer…the honesty, the love, the simplicity of what we are as Mothers, as daughters, as women.

    Thank you to your sister for keeping herself completely present with Our Lord every time her children leave her side.

    Thank you Flo for visiting my humble space. I am blessed that Our Lord saw fit to bring us together in this ‘blog’ medium.

    May His Words be always in our mouths, pouring forth from our fingers, living strongly in our hearts.

    Peace be with you….


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