today, take 2

so much for photo a day.

but i’m feeling better today, the house looks a bit manageable, and my attitude is better.

yes, in that order. so here i am:)

golden watermelon~
It’s super sweet, but the girls are not so crazy about it. We picked 3 up (2 are red) and the gal at the fruitstand commented, “That’s a lot of melons!”

Yeah, right. We’ll be back in a few days.

20120809-130820.jpgand the packing began.

These rented no-fuzz boxes sure make packing fun. I’m just thankful not to deal with all the taping and the flimsy boxes and such.

We welcome this move as another positive challenge, something we didn’t wrestle with, so more than anything, we (including the kids) are plain excited.

Our motto: less is more.

I’m thinking to invite you in the whole process. That’s the idea, at least. We’ll see:)


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