random kindness recap

How did the 25 Days of Random Acts of Kindness Go?

I could not recall ever doing a project as a family lasting 25 days, but random kindness acts we did, looking for opportunities everyday, and everywhere we go. It became the most blessed thing we have done together during Advent (over listening to Handel’s Messiah!)

In their effort to be well prepared, the kids asked to buy different items/treats to bless people on their list. But there were also days when they looked for ways to be a blessing and to be of help which didn’t involve money or tangible things at all. Those turned out to be the most amazing, as we reflected now.

And look, another family tradition in the making:


We were blessed to overwhelming with all the smiling faces, the many thanks, the kind words from strangers, and the number of people who paused to drop money in the red kettle. A guy even emptied his pocket.

For two solid hours, the kids didn’t stop ringing the bells. They were so tired after, the little guy fell asleep as soon as we got on the bus. We worked them hard, I guess. That was Day 4.

One day particularly stood out: Realizing how blessed they are, and that there are many, many less fortunate children all over the world they could share their blessings with (in this case, Uganda) — each gave the money they had. Sacrificially. Oh they make us so proud.

There was also a day when one of them commented, “Oh no, we forgot to do random kindness two days in a row!”  I had to remind them of things they did- in which they didn’t even realize were acts of kindness.

We were transformed. Truly our Advent celebrations will never be the same. Blessings to all of you!


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