the day after

The day after Christmas: A quiet, stay in our pajamas kind of day. A day to reflect, to rest, to bask in God’s goodness. One I always look forward to.

Someone asked the question on effbook, “How was your Christmas everyone?”


Our family opened presents two days before the Big Day. We intentionally wanted this much anticipated event done and out of the way. The three younger kids each got a new outfit for their Build-a-Bear, some Legos, and their favorite truffles. No more, no less. And guess what? They were perfectly happy and grateful. We didn’t even spend a penny on batteries, can you believe it? It really doesn’t take much to make this bunch happy.

Okay, so there were some arguing on who gets to play with what pieces, but pretty much it was hours and hours of creative play (and ahem, sugar) and no desire for electronic time… at all.


Christmas Eve: The children were anxious, not because of any more presents they still expect to receive, but because it’s the day before the Special One. Tomorrow is Jesus’ birthday!”  the little guy announced. We read lots of Christmas books. Popcorn and hot cocoa. Late night watching Star Wars- the present they got for daddy, which the four-year-old carefully wrapped and wrote daddy’s name on.

Christmas morning: We began the day with prayer, and family communion- an excellent suggestion from our beloved pastor. We embraced a new Christmas ritual.

Salvation is here. It rang in my soul and I held  it as treasure in my heart.

The younger girls had been faithfully memorizing a chunk of Luke 2, and they recited it together for us for the first time. Preparations for the day ensued, and anticipation grew. Christmas carols. Games. A whole day with cousins, what could be better? The children didn’t open a single present but envelopes with money. Yet they had so much fun and agreed it’s the best Christmas ever. (They say that every year.)

The day after: One of the kids wants to know, what ten percent of what they got would be.

Mail we’ve been anticipating from the orphanage came and someone squealed with delight as she opened the letters from our dear foster friends. “Mommy, Lerma has grown so much!!!”  

I sat the little guy in my lap and asked him what he wants to get with some of the money he received. His instant reply? Send it to Voice of Martyrs and to Katie.

Friends, I. feel. so. blessed. Beyond measure.

Then I ordered some more Legos…


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