blogs tend to be quiet in the summer, no? so this week, in the spirit of consistency i’m doing a photo a day project. (in this case: day and night.)  doable and reasonable, right? to farmers market on a beautiful, cool morning~ surely we’d miss these early sunday walks when we move. while biking around the … Continue reading

day and night x

dresser in the dining room not the most ideal, but it works for now well, for the next two months… crazy I tell you, but we are content. one day at a time, making the most of. Peace doesn’t come from finding a lake with no storms. It comes from having Jesus in the boat. ~john … Continue reading

day and night ix (summer rhythm)

Slowly falling into a summer rhythm~ Another quiet swimming lesson for the girls this morning. It was rather chilly and the sun was hiding. Testing the water- Nope. Too cold. On the way home, an older sister complained, “Swimming always makes me hungry.” Little guy: “I’m hungry too! Dipping my feet in the water makes me … Continue reading

day and night viii

a very special day… yet he still had to do the backyard grilling. (it was a gorgeous day for it, after all) i’m thinking of a breakfast date to make up for it. i can not express in words the dreamer’s excitement tonight. she found another passion. giggling and saying “oh, crocheting, how i love you!” … Continue reading

day and night vii (blessings of the storm)

sitting in the shadow in the middle of the day rain and thunder our only music. we passed canned salmon around and called it lunch. little guy asked, “mama, what is electricity?” carefully we counted, sorted and lined up fruit snacks mama dug from a secret place. they are good for cheering up on a day … Continue reading

day and night, vi

she’s busy but mother said to go outside what’s the logical thing to do? lettering fun in the sun notice how she arranged her pens and pencils sequencing for as long as i could remember. oh, and have i told you i have an awesome daughter who willingly takes photos for her mama just so she … Continue reading

day and night v

What is this day and night project anyway? Would you care to join me? she could do this for hours always creating, inventing, drawing, writing dreaming of mermaids and unicorns contemplating. this is where she thrives. someday, we would love to have a room in our home just for creating and dreaming and making dreams reality … Continue reading