On one of our evening walks~ Swimming lessons have taken over the mornings, so we take walks at the end of the day. That turned out great because on most days we could take dad with us, which makes it more fun (and less stressful for mom.) This one ended with a refreshing cold drink that … Continue reading

day and night ix (summer rhythm)

Slowly falling into a summer rhythm~ Another quiet swimming lesson for the girls this morning. It was rather chilly and the sun was hiding. Testing the water- Nope. Too cold. On the way home, an older sister complained, “Swimming always makes me hungry.” Little guy: “I’m hungry too! Dipping my feet in the water makes me … Continue reading


I was unplugged for a week yet I really didn’t have time to miss anything. We were busy doing this… Meeting with God, making memories, running around and just having fun. What an amazing week at kids camp. It was exhausting but something I will do all over again. I learned valuable lessons from the girls and … Continue reading

play n picnic

It was one of the most gorgeous of days. In the morning, the kids and I took a long leisurely walk~ little boy pulling a toy car with yarn tied to it. Ha, the girls got a good practice in patience. Hopscotch in sidewalks~ Line drying a few loads of laundry~ Just a few minutes … Continue reading

good day to buy a fish

I took the kids to a store called A World of Fish and called it a field trip. The little guy was determined to take home this blue and red split-tail betta that he immediately named Optimus Prime. I was happy to oblige thinking that Optimus could help me teach the kids a thing or two … Continue reading

natural school

What do homeschoolers do on a very lovely spring day like this? We pack our books, some fruits and the yummy omelets Big Sister made for breakfast and head to the park. Did you notice we have the whole place to ourselves? On a very gorgeous day! In just a couple of weeks we’ll have to … Continue reading

Museum Day: Mill City

On that day, the sun hid behind the clouds all morning, but we had the whole afternoon to explore. We decided it was a good idea to visit the Mill City Museum to take advantage of our Historical Society membership. (Yep, we did it again through Groupon for $35. ) I think they like it here … Continue reading