quick hello

it’s been over a year. in the process, we have a new addition (waterbirthed this cutie at home,) and this blog got swallowed by instagram.  -joyarchives  Advertisements

the day after

The day after Christmas: A quiet, stay in our pajamas kind of day. A day to reflect, to rest, to bask in God’s goodness. One I always look forward to. Someone asked the question on effbook, “How was your Christmas everyone?” Our family opened presents two days before the Big Day. We intentionally wanted this much … Continue reading

yummy old books

moving in a couple of weeks most books already in boxes yet managed to pick more up. what can i say? treasures found recently: old, musty books oh so yummy. just glad we could rescue them for our next generation of readers. i love aged children’s books printed before our time, or our parents’ time. with … Continue reading

blessed mama ramblings

:: We sat down for bible study but the little guy was being disruptive. I paused and smiled. I asked him to sit down and join us. He sighed. What he said next made a mama’s heart swell. “Oh, fine. God wants me to do the right thing.”  :: While we were still sitting in … Continue reading

afternoon quiet time

It is a time to just slow down. Time for little hearts to unwind. To be inspired… when younger children are at home all day but think they are too old for naps. Too good to be true? We call it afternoon quiet time, when they have to sit in bed while they…  :: read you … Continue reading

bible study guide for all ages

We normally just read from the Bible one book at a time, at our own pace, and keep a devotional journal. But as part of her Ancient History and Literature studies, my oldest will be studying the Book of Daniel and reading through the Old Testament in a school year. Of course, this Old Testament enthusiast … Continue reading

natural school

What do homeschoolers do on a very lovely spring day like this? We pack our books, some fruits and the yummy omelets Big Sister made for breakfast and head to the park. Did you notice we have the whole place to ourselves? On a very gorgeous day! In just a couple of weeks we’ll have to … Continue reading