random kindness recap

How did the 25 Days of Random Acts of Kindness Go? I could not recall ever doing a project as a family lasting 25 days, but random kindness acts we did, looking for opportunities everyday, and everywhere we go. It became the most blessed thing we have done together during Advent (over listening to Handel’s … Continue reading

this new season

Wow, time sure flies when you’re having fun! Boy, do I miss being here but life is full (of good things!) and living and savoring it brings little to no time to blog. The photo above was taken a few weeks ago when we “visited” this precious church on the corner. Visited in quotation marks … Continue reading

to be gatekeepers

I meet missionaries, shake their hands, listen to their stories, and right then ask God, “sooo, when will You send me?” One day it dawned in me, He has sent me all along. This place where I am is my mission field. A special calling right at home- I am at peace with that. Have I mentioned … Continue reading


I was unplugged for a week yet I really didn’t have time to miss anything. We were busy doing this… Meeting with God, making memories, running around and just having fun. What an amazing week at kids camp. It was exhausting but something I will do all over again. I learned valuable lessons from the girls and … Continue reading

Meeting a Hero

This evening I met and shook hands with one of my heroes. His name is Shi Weihan, better known as John Stone. John Stone was a pastor and a successful businessman in China who was very much involved in translating and printing Bibles and Christian books in his country. He spent three years in prison, where he … Continue reading

Why We Homeschool

Though we could name a few good reasons why we WANT to home educate our children, it is by ONE reason that we DECIDED to do it: It is our calling- as their parents. Ten years ago, when we began this journey, we didn’t know much about home educating.  A tug- knowing that God was leading us here- was all … Continue reading

My Passport to India

image source “Mommy, can we please watch Chris now?” the kids begged. … The Chris they are talking about is the tour guide in a ten-video series called My Passport to India. Chris takes us with him as he visits different, interesting places in India. In a nutshell: See and experience the real India – … Continue reading