stress-free transition

On moving day- Two awesome College Muscle Movers took care of the first load. One and a half hours later, all furniture, books and heavier items were loaded and unloaded in the new house. Yep, one and a half hours, folks. One and half miles away. That was awesome! But then we weren’t done. We … Continue reading

watermelon spot

he just found a good one in the front steps- but next time he eats watermelon, he has to find a new spot. bye, bye old house.

quiet recharge

preparing for a class i’m teaching tomorrow- on memorizing scriptures. the house was quiet and i was able to do my planning without any interruption. priceless. we loosely made plans to go out exploring today- but other than a few errands this morning, lunch date with the girls, appointments (hubby), we didn’t do much. it … Continue reading

today, take 2

so much for photo a day. but i’m feeling better today, the house looks a bit manageable, and my attitude is better. yes, in that order. so here i am:) golden watermelon~ It’s super sweet, but the girls are not so crazy about it. We picked 3 up (2 are red) and the gal at the … Continue reading


On one of our evening walks~ Swimming lessons have taken over the mornings, so we take walks at the end of the day. That turned out great because on most days we could take dad with us, which makes it more fun (and less stressful for mom.) This one ended with a refreshing cold drink that … Continue reading

day and night x

dresser in the dining room not the most ideal, but it works for now well, for the next two months… crazy I tell you, but we are content. one day at a time, making the most of. Peace doesn’t come from finding a lake with no storms. It comes from having Jesus in the boat. ~john … Continue reading

day and night ix (summer rhythm)

Slowly falling into a summer rhythm~ Another quiet swimming lesson for the girls this morning. It was rather chilly and the sun was hiding. Testing the water- Nope. Too cold. On the way home, an older sister complained, “Swimming always makes me hungry.” Little guy: “I’m hungry too! Dipping my feet in the water makes me … Continue reading