blogs tend to be quiet in the summer, no? so this week, in the spirit of consistency i’m doing a photo a day project. (in this case: day and night.)  doable and reasonable, right? to farmers market on a beautiful, cool morning~ surely we’d miss these early sunday walks when we move. while biking around the … Continue reading

yummy old books

moving in a couple of weeks most books already in boxes yet managed to pick more up. what can i say? treasures found recently: old, musty books oh so yummy. just glad we could rescue them for our next generation of readers. i love aged children’s books printed before our time, or our parents’ time. with … Continue reading

what makes me smile v.4

A little stretching going on, spiritual muscles being trained… but finding a lot to smile about. Practicing joy. :: eleven years apart, but good buddies. :: she takes care of him, he makes her laugh. and smile. :: a busy daddy taking time to play. :: and as the saying goes~ what goes up… must … Continue reading

what makes me smile v.3

:: to find this picture taken by my oldest ~aliyah, of a charming boy peeking for the camera while climbing a tree by the river we are fond of visiting. :: home-concocted iced tea sweetened with love and honey on a hot day… what could be better? :: this mint chocolate ice cream made by … Continue reading

good day to buy a fish

I took the kids to a store called A World of Fish and called it a field trip. The little guy was determined to take home this blue and red split-tail betta that he immediately named Optimus Prime. I was happy to oblige thinking that Optimus could help me teach the kids a thing or two … Continue reading

what makes me smile v.2

I am taking my daughter’s clever idea and making what makes me smile a weekly theme. She is feeling pretty good about that. :: We take lots of photos of the kids but there’s hardly any of me and hubby together. This is one of a number captured by our oldest daughter from Mothers Day. It makes … Continue reading

what makes me smile?

I spotted a pretty book at a local shop titled What Makes You Smile?  and I squealed, “Hey, here’s a great blog idea!” The nine-year-old heartily agreed and added, “You can do it every week and people will come back to see what makes you smile that week!” Smart girl, that one. :: A note … Continue reading